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Current 1.3
Beta: N/A

Rexx/EEC - Encrypt/Encode/Compress


Rexx/EEC provides Rexx programmers with functions to Encrypt/Encode/Compress strings. Equivalent functions exist for Decrypting, Decoding, and Decompressing strings.


Online documentation as a single HTML page can be found by clicking on the Documentation button on the left. A PDF version of this document is also available in Universal format. If you want to generate your own documentation using DocBook XML then download the Rexx/EEC Docbook XML.


With Rexx/EEC on SourceForge, support resources for Rexx/EEC. such as mailing lists, discussion forums, bug reporting and feature requests are available.

Rexx/EEC is freeware, distributed under the GNU Library General Public License .

Last Updated: 2 May 2017. Copyright © 2017 Mark Hessling, <>